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For a second there I thought I was reading my own post (haha) because in May 2012 I also ate a weed cookie that has completely changed my life (I ate the WHOLE cookie). It was awful!!!!! My husband ate a whole cookie too and he puked literally 30-40 times in a 4 hour period. I thought he was going to die. We also had a 2 month old baby at the time and he was asleep thank god but it still to this day makes me feel like a horrible parent. If my son would have woken up I don't think i could have properly taken care of him. I questioned everything, like how did we get to earth, do I really love my husband, is there a god. To most people this sounds stupid like how could those questions be so terrifying but it was and to this day I still suffer from it. I question everything, my love for my husband, reality and everything. My husband has not experienced any of these symptoms after he came off of the "high". To this day, crowds make me nervous, drinking too much makes me want to freak out and if someone says "you are scaring me" it totally sets me over and makes me all panicky. If I think about my voice and talking it freaks me out or if I look up in the sky it freaks me out because I wonder how the sky got there. One good thing however, is that I am much better then I was last year in May, June and July. I was also going back to work at the time after maternity leave so I had a lot of other stresses. I had a mental break down for about 3 months and didnt even want to live.

Ok so some positive things. Well this has allowed me to know what it means to be totally strong and be able to make it through the toughest of tough times, to be open and honest with my husband about how I am feeling and to not fret about small petty things in life because it really doesnt matter. I always push myself to be social and around other people because it is better then sitting at home being all depressed and to always try to remember what is important to me in life. I just wish this would go away it really sucks. I just keep hoping and praying it will go away. I do take some natural supplements that seem to help Kava Kava and Aswaguanda.

Would love to hear some more from you and what you have done that seems to help :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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