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New here and in need of reassurance.

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Hello. I started having mostly derealization with some depersonalization a while ago. At least I think so. I dont want to self-diagnose myself because I may just be overreacting. So id just like to share a few facts and my symptoms.

-I'm really young. like, reeeealy young. Most people talk about being 18 and too young, but I am younger than that.

-I feel like there is a wire mesh in front of my eyes. Not physically, but everything is kind of blurry in a way/

- I feel like I'm dreaming

-I feel like my actions aren't mine

-I just want it to go away. I want to feel really alive again.

-it's mostly mildly constant but sometimes it's worse, sometimes it's milder.

-I dont really feel like my body is mine. I look at myself in the mirror and think, oh, is that me? I dont feel like I belong to it. I mean I know it's my body, but I dont feel like that.
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Your symptoms sound a lot like mine when they first started and i was gonna say if you need someone to talk to about it you can add me on Instagram or snap chat they are both NQUAR.
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