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New here and in need of reassurance.

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Hello. I started having mostly derealization with some depersonalization a while ago. At least I think so. I dont want to self-diagnose myself because I may just be overreacting. So id just like to share a few facts and my symptoms.

-I'm really young. like, reeeealy young. Most people talk about being 18 and too young, but I am younger than that.

-I feel like there is a wire mesh in front of my eyes. Not physically, but everything is kind of blurry in a way/

- I feel like I'm dreaming

-I feel like my actions aren't mine

-I just want it to go away. I want to feel really alive again.

-it's mostly mildly constant but sometimes it's worse, sometimes it's milder.

-I dont really feel like my body is mine. I look at myself in the mirror and think, oh, is that me? I dont feel like I belong to it. I mean I know it's my body, but I dont feel like that.
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Hi my dear, I have children (ranging from 10-17) and one of them has derealization and depersonalization symptoms very similar to your symptoms, and she also gets panic attacks and depression. I know that I am old enough to be you mom, and when I read your post, it definitely brought out my maternal instincts and a lot of compassion for you and your situation ....knowing that you must really be suffering. I also think it's incredibly awesome of you to be so self-aware at such a young age, and to be so courageous as to reach out on this forum and ask for reassurance. Most adults cannot even reach out to others as you just did, as that takes a certain level of strength and maturity and the ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable with other people. Those are big deals in my opinion. I would like to message you further with some ideas that may possibly help you to recover from your dp and dr, but I am getting ready to go to bed, as I have to be up very early in the I will check back on here tomorrow, later in day, to share my ideas. In the meantime, you are truly a badass. So look in the mirror and tell yourself that, and be proud of yourself for being so together at such a young age.
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