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There's another guy on YouTube offerings $20 dollar Skype sessions. He's not a doctor or anything, just some dude who claims he can help with dpdr. These people are blood suckers.
In Germany there is a guy who calls himself "ZwangsNeurotiker", who claims in his videos that everyone can easily recover from depersonalization disorder by just accepting it. He is not qualified in any way and his vidoes prove that he also did not acquire any knowledge to make up for that and generally is not very bright. After he got banned from YouTube, he put his videos on Patreon:

If you pay 2$ per month you can see all his texts and photos and for 5$ per months all his videos. He also offers to respond to facebook messages for 20$ per month and to skype for 60$ per month.

He also has a facebook group. I got banned from this group after I criticized him. In my opinion such people are a serious threat to us, because they lure the public into believing that depersonalization disorder was not a serious disorder.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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