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Today is a OK day. I saw, for the first time, a psychologist specialized in Dp/dr. What a relief it was to say theses things to a person who really understand!!!! She even read Janine's book and she is aware of this forum. Yepee...

We talked a lot, she wants so much that I'd be at ease with my future therapist that she gave me another name of a specialized therapist, who treat DP people since 15 years. It seems she's really really good. But she would be glad to take me as a patient too!

I will check... because the other therapist is not covered by insurances... and I am not rich, so that makes trouble $$$. But... her husbandis a psychiatrist specialised in DP, so maybe I could see him!!! And end up this relationship with my current psychiatrist.

I made emails, hoping that all will be for the best.

It is such a relief to talk to someone who REALLY know what dp is... like she said, she can help to live with this until it goes away. She has grounding techniques, etc. She saw me and said I need to be stabilisez in all ways (medical, etc.), then AFTER we will work on the trauma.

This morning, I was so angry at ALL, so Dp, dr, I yelled at my paretns, I felt like nothing, I felt so bad. Now, I feel a little support and that helps.

C xxx

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It's great to see you've found a good psychiatrist; they're hard enough to find as it is, let alone ones who know much about depersonalization.

I knew things would start picking up for you soon, this could be a real "turning point" for you.

Good luck with it all.
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