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Hello all, I'm kind of new to DP/DR although gaining more info daily. I'm actually a bit new to the mental health community in general. I think I've been bi-polar since my teens but never really dealt with it. Then Co-Vid came along and just broke me. I was on lexapro thinking it was a panic and depression issue, but this just put me in an extended manic state.

I'm not on bi-polar medications but recently began experiencing strong derealization issues. I wake up during the night and don't know what is real vs what is a dream. That feeling stays with me most of the day. I just feel this overwhelming wrongness. I have regular thoughts that I'm losing my mind and sinking into insanity. I'm just hoping maybe being a part of this community an my new medication will help me feel less wrong. and suggestions for support groups or well really anything is extremely appreciated.
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