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New and in need of HOPE...

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Fellow DP sufferers...I'm new to this site but not to DP and/or anxiety. I have read Janine's book and found it to be very helpful. I would like to know how many of you can offer a ray of hope and some POSITIVE insight into coming out of this ok..From what I have read so far in the
forum it seems like a few of you have made it through...How? What is the secret? What can you recommend? Thnx to any or all who reply...
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How? What is the secret? What can you recommend? Thnx to any or all who reply...
Hey Willow

Welcome to the board. Well there is good news with DP. It is temporary given that you take necessary steps to get better. You asked above what I would recommend. I would recommend this:

1. Get into some sort of individual therapy whether it is with a CBT specialist (psychologist) or psychoanalytic therapy (psychiatrist). Make sure the person you see has heard of the disorder. If not, then leave. In the therapy, be completely honest and get to know the therapist well. This will foster an atmosphere that allows you to be open with all of your concerns. Talking about the most hidden issues in life with a trusted person brings about healing.

2. Understand that meds will not heal you, they can only provide support
and aid you in getting on with your life. For example, anxiety and depression seem to be 2 concurrrent issues with DPDR. Sometimes these can aggravate the condition to where you need meds to function. In this case, keep your meds/herbs options open.

3. Stay busy with your life. As you read in Janine's book, becoming re-engaged in the drama of your own life instead of taking a fearful position of observing it will help you heal. Something has happened to our egos that creates these DP states. By staying connected to life, and getting into this altered looking world, our ego begins to heal even though it can be completely frightening. This is a daily and challenging task. It is not by any means easy to do, but it will bring you to a place of healing. Focus outward. You cannot heal by examining yourself. That only aggravates the illness.

Do the above 3 things and you will get there. You'll know you have healed when one day you look back and you'll say "Wow, I haven't had crazy thoughts in a long time. I feel like my old self again." Just keep striving for that day. It will happen, so don't get down on yourself. We need to fall before we can stand.

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I thought 5-htp and SJW were meant to go together lol. I think they make a product called Amoryn where you get both of those in the pills.
I do know that synthetic 5-htp has been scrutinized for causing fibrosis of the heart muscle. Whether it really does still isn't known, but too much to risk there :(
Ken - you seem like you really know your way around this DP thing
Sort of, but I have a really hard time with the learning to walk part of what I said.
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