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Never had panic attacks or agoraphobia

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Hi I don’t know if this indicates that my condition is less severe because with the derealized feelings I’ve never had a panic attack nor have I developed severe phobia, and never had existential thoughts. I have had increased anxiety and fear but I can maintain a calm mood most of the time and can function at work and with friends. Can anyone relate to this?
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I divide dp and dr. (for me, anyway) DP was feelings. DR was change in physical perceptions. DP was numbness,lack of libido dead emotions and existential depression and DR was mis perception of my mirror image and body, visual framing

and ocular migraines.

If you have not experienced agoraphobia or panic attacks, racing thoughts and/or intrusive thoughts, I would say it certainly indicates that your condition is less severe than was mine. Don't be jealous. lol
I had a lot more success in bracketing and defining my illness through my own reading and research. I wish I could say that mental health professionals were a significant asset in diagnosing and treating my illness. The opposite is true. No psychologist or psychiatrist ever thought it appropriate to refer me for an MRI or EEG.

I was treated by psychiatry for over 20 years without an accurate diagnosis. It almost cost me my life. I identified my illness through my own research, and then I ordered the MRI and EEG which verified my self diagnosis. Its not that hard to recognize ones unique symptoms from case histories in a medical journal.

You know what they say about opinions? It is doubly true for psychiatrists from my experience.
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