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Neurotransmitters results

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I know people don't believe in this test but I just got the results back of my neurotransmitters test and my serotonin is extremely high. I don't know why..... I only take a low dose of Amitriptyline (10mg) for sleep. I'm not on any other medication so why is this so high. Serotonin is high, Gaba is low, Glatamare is extreamy high,PEA is low, Dopamine is low, Norepinephrine is high, and Epinephrine is high... could this be causing my dp/dr?
Who knows but these supplement better work. I'm wondering if I need something to block serotonin!! I don't know I'm so confused
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I don't know much about these tests or how reliable they are, but it sounds like you need more information. Did the person doing the test just give you the results and not interpret them for you?

I believe Amitryptyline raises serotonin levels, although that's a low dose, as you said. Are you taking supplements that also raise serotonin, such a tryptophan or 5-htp?

In general those results suggest stress, and if you're using supplements I guess that would be glutamine or GABA for low dopamine and GABA?

As I say, it might be best to go back and ask for more info so you have a clearer picture and put your mind at ease. I'm interested because I'm doing amino acid therapy (a fancy way of saying I'm taking supplements), and I'm finding it very helpful after a long spell feeling run down and out of sorts.
Yes, my understanding is that some supplements will help balance out others.

I googled the supplements, and they look like various blends of amino acids and vitamins I'm familiar with, such as NAC. I did notice Kavinace contains 5HTP.

I have to say though, I thought the cost of those brands was very expensive! I spent a grand total of £20 buying my amino acids. If you want a cheaper route to more-or-less the same thing, you could just buy The Mood Cure by Julia Ross and treat yourself. The book just uses a set of questions about how you feel with no tests required, much like PossessedBanana suggested.

Either way, give it a try and see how you feel.
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Yes, 5 htp raises serotonin so that's why I mentioned it. If you're unsure or have a negative reaction, then just don't take that one. Much like with medication, there is a certain amount of trail and error about finding the right ones that will benefit you the most. It seems very confusing, but there is usually a small group of 3-4 amino acids that benefit most people.

If the results of the test are right, then I would think that would be l-glutamine or GABA for low dopamine and GABA.
It doesn't look like it contains GABA, but has NAC, which can be very beneficial and a few other things that should give you energy.

The good thing is that unlike prescription medicine, you should know relatively quickly if a supplement is helping you or not. If you're nervous about it, you could try them one at a time for a few days each and see if one or another makes you feel better.
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