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Neurotransmitters results

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I know people don't believe in this test but I just got the results back of my neurotransmitters test and my serotonin is extremely high. I don't know why..... I only take a low dose of Amitriptyline (10mg) for sleep. I'm not on any other medication so why is this so high. Serotonin is high, Gaba is low, Glatamare is extreamy high,PEA is low, Dopamine is low, Norepinephrine is high, and Epinephrine is high... could this be causing my dp/dr?
Who knows but these supplement better work. I'm wondering if I need something to block serotonin!! I don't know I'm so confused
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High serotonin is probably your medication. When you say glatamare you mean glutamic acid ? Low gaba and high norepineohrine and epinephrin (aka noradrenalin and adrenalin) cause anxiety. Low dopamine is normal since you have dp/dr and things don't give you as much satisfaction as they should (reward system) and your motor control and concentration is affected.

To me this test only proves the function of these molecules on your nervous system, you can guess which is high and which is low just by checking the way you feel and put your symtoms in relation with the main known neurotransmitters. Molecules can be prescribed without it, and as you said (not surprisingly) it's expensive. Also don't put too much trust into molecules only, they can help, and I hope for you they will) but they alone won't get you out of it.

Good luck ;)
What else is going to get me out this hell then? I have tried everything........
It's mostly about not thinking too much about it, not being obsessed with it and try focusing on your life as you did before DP, meds can help if they are suited to you, you might try a few or even a lot before you find one that helps.
I have been trying not to be obsessed with it and not thinking about it for 5 months now. I been doing everything like normal and I still haven't snap out of it. Even when I'm not thinking about it I'm feeling it. This month will be 6 months of hell. This sucks
Haven't antipsychotics help you ? Because anxiety is the first thing to eliminate and there meds are helpfull, I have it constantly as well but I just focus on other things and forget it, and things got a lot better since I took an antipsychotic and I distract myself all day without paying too much attention to it and things got way better in a few weeks only. It's all about not only intellectually understanding but psychically understanding that you have nothing to fear, because even if you think you're not obsessed by it, you actually are subconciously very anxious about it. Hypnosis and relaxation have both helped me with this. But maybe you're different and need another sort of therapy.
I have never taken an antipsychotic. When I see the new phychiatrist I am going to try and ask him for it
They can really help you. I took one that really helped me, I have lost my huge anxiety thanks to it, just a bit of stress remained which I'm working on, but it helped me make a huge step.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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