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neurological problems/disease?

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My DR came on suddenly but mildly and got worse after a couple months of me thinking it was "just anxiety". Since then I've found it hard to leave the house without someone with me in fear that I will get lost/have a panic attack. When I leave the house I feel like I'm walking around in a fog; places I've been (even my own neighbourhood) seem foreign to me even though I DO know where I am technically, it feels unfamiliar and it scares me.

I'm waiting for an MRI and EEG to make sure it's not something physically wrong with me. I got a CT scan and it came out fine. Has everyone here gone through medical tests with nothing or something wrong? I'm worried it's something neurological.

Sorry if this has already been asked/inquired about.
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Lots of people get this "jamais vu" symptom. Mine came on out of nowhere last year, even though i had already had DP/DR for a few years already. For some people it is just caused by DP/DR itself, but I got mine checked out and found out from a neurologist that it was due to a milder form of epilepsy (complex partial seizures) that I didn't know I had and this symtom of things looking unfamiliar has gone away ever since I started meds for epilepsy.
Yeah, that's what I am worried about - seizures. although I thought with them you usually "lose time" or black out. I don't tend to do any of those things.

My doctor also told me that DR can be a symptom of neurological problems and they should always be ruled out before assuming it's psychological. So I hope most people do get checked out before assuming, like I did.
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