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During the last couple of years, I have frequently experienced nervous breakdowns. For those who don't exactly know what it is, a nervous breakdown is when you feel extremely frustrated, depressed, angry (I would even say enraged), sometimes anxious or confused and express violent pulsions for a while until your emotions climax and you end up crying / being in hyperventilation. It usually doesn't lapse more than half an hour or an hour, when I try to restrain it, it only comes back later.

I have always had these but my dp is making it worse because I'm constantly irritate, and they're more and more frequent. And I either express my anger / irritation by punching / throwing objects / walls or violently scratching my skin with my fingernails, I made myself bleed several times like this and get really scared when I have them because it triggers suicidal impulses. I would really need to solve this problem because I can't control it and that makes me a potential threat to myself and others, it just has to come out.

I don't know if any of you also experience intense irritation since dp or for other reasons, but if so, do you have any tips to prevent these from happening or stop them ?
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