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Hello everyone. I’m Zach!
I’m having a really tough time. I feel crazy. I’ve had dp/dr symptoms before on several occasions. They have passed before so that is hope I’m clinging too. I can’t help but feel this time is different though. Maybe it’s because I’m 28 and feel like I should have outgrown this by now. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, depression, and then dp/dr since I was 15-16.

Current Feelings:
-my body and others body’s seem completely foreign to me
-find myself counting my fingers and toes to make sure they’re all there
-trouble focusing or connecting with others because everyone seems alien to me
-I can’t leave my house. I’m crippled by this fear and distraction.
-I’m not eating, Im not taking care of my hygiene, I can barely leave my room.
-I can’t relax for more than an hour-three a week it seems.
-I’m tired all the time and experience nausea cause of the stress.

I was on sertraline for almost 13 years, which did help me. I would have to increase the dose ever several years because my symptoms would return. I maxed out the dosage and now I’ve tapered off the sertraline and am needing something else to treat my condition.

Can anyone relate to my symptoms specifically?
Any advice or tips?

Im very easy to talk to and would love to chat. Thank you for reading this.

With gratitude,
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I am currently going through this…if you panic you make things worse. Try to accept the feeling the way it is, I am currently on Zoloft + brintellix + seroquel. It’s helping me with the panic but the Dpdr is still there. I am just trying to not freak out. I am in that less fear/ numb phase. But that’s better than living in fear 24/7. Anyway, you are not going insane. In fact, your cognitive abilities are probably better than many around you. Have faith and endure the symptoms without trying to react to them. We are all in this together. You are not alone.
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