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Needing support Please read!

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Hi I’m Lauren, I’m 33 and a single mother to a 6 year old girl, about a week ago I suffered a nervous breakdown, I’ve not been sleeping, I’ve been having awful panic attacks and depression for the past week and ended up in hospital on Tuesday. They sent me home to stay at my exes house with our daughter and gave me diazepam and zopliclone but I have started to have periods of dp again :( I beat this horrible disorder 10 years ago after a few weeks but I really need someone to talk to please x
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Sounds more like you have and have had depersonalization/derealisation secondary to other condition today and 10.years ago. In depersonalization disorder as a primary condition you have to have the symptoms for much longer and not with symptoms of depression, high anxiety or stress. It seems to me you have it secondary to another state and it will likely go away with it. It is the mind way of make a "sedation" when thinks becomes to overwhelming. From the medicin you have been given there should be a perception that your problem is related to anxiety and lack of sleep. There is no medication for panic anxiety more general anxiety and an antidepressant is typically used as general anxiety often is related to depression. The DP will likely go away when the symptoms its a reaction will be handle in some way that works for you.
I have a hard time with this, I don't know if I have primary Depersonalization, or as a secondary symptom. I do experience depression.. a constant low level stress all the time. Like something is waiting on me or I am waiting on something 24/7.. I can see I feel stressed 24/7. But even when I feel like I am not stressed I feel dpd... but maybe I don't know what truly relaxed feeling is anymore.
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