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Need some advice

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Ive had dp/dr for about 9 years now. Ive been getting help for it but alot of these people have never dealt with someone like me. Its like a guessing game for them and ive been trying a lot of different things for years and a lot of medication for years. Im actually off meds now because that did nothing for me. ive come to the conclusion that acceptance is the only way to live with this. The problem with this is that I have panic attacks and agoraphobia. ive been dealing with the panic attacks for about 9 years and ive been doing better dealing with that and agoraphobia ive had off and on but this time it has been harder. I haven't left my block for about a year and a couple of months, so I cant go very far, but I also haven't been able to go to like the downtown area of my city for about 4 years now. Ive been practicing and practicing but I think what stops me is that, yea panic attacks are scary but add dp/dr to it and its horrible like I don't know how to find a way to be able to ground myself. If it was panic attacks alone, I think I would be able to do it but the dp/dr become more intense in that moment and I feel like im losing myself, I feel so out of my body, and everything around me looks, sounds, feels unusual and scary and its not making sense. Deep down I know im still there but I feel like im buried and watching all this and having a hard time comprehending or just getting out and snapping out of it. This has been making me feel depressed and lonely and its hard having something people not only don't understand but have never heard of. Even with all this going on, I still feel determined to overcome this and move forward with my life and im a pretty resilient and positive person, I just need some advice on this. If anyone has gone through a simiar situation or know someone who has gone through something like this, Id really appreciate it if you could give me any tips on how to deal with panic attacks with dp/dr and also on how to deal with them outside of your comfort zone (agoraphobia). Sorry this is kind of long but if anyone just reads this at least, thank you.
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