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What would be the last step to break this pattern?
Honestly, you know the answer to that better than anyone else could. The experience is very subjective, and even if someone could relate to your description of symptoms, what they really feel could be entirely different. Verbal descriptions regarding complex subjective issues like this are extremely open for interpretation.

You stated:

During the evenings I feel around 80 - 90% normal, because I tire myself out during the day with intens workouts and late night swimming.. When I'm really tired during the evening I just slip into this "fuck it" mindset and am able to relax.
This means that you have a way to affect its severity; that's already a good sign. Just keep doing trial & error, and see what works. It could very well be solely from anxiety if being able to relax has such a profound impact on it.

For me, it's completely arbitrary. I have absolutely no way to affect its severity, and it acts on its own whims. So you're already doing better than me for example. But then again I can't relate to any of your symptoms, so chances are that whatever we have is not the same thing.
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