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It's gonna sound stupid.. I don't know what's wrong with me..

I feel like when I think people around me can sense what I'm thinking

If that makes sense..

Not like I'm thinking of the color yellow and someone comes up to me and says hey ur thinking the color yellow

It's more like..

First of all, my brain works like this,

If I don't want to think of something bad, I'll think about that bad thing non stop,

Hate it

Anyways, going on,

It's like say I'm talking to someone and then I think of the worst thing in my mind, like just randomly sucker punching them

I would never do that.. but my mind thinks that cus that's like the worse thing I can think of

But I believe if I'm talking to someone and I constantly thinking about sucker punching them, I feel like they can sense it

And this drives me crazy,

That's just a quick example

But once I start thinking that people can sense what I'm thinking

Then I just start thinking all the negative shit; and start spazzing out as if people can sense what I'm thinking

It's a non stop cycle..

Is this like paranoia or something..

Maybe I'll try a Xanax or something

I don't think that has ever worked

I guess worth a try..

Please I'd like someone to help me with this ????????
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