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Hello Forum. When i was a kid i 100% had Lyme Disease, i got treated and i went back to normal what i remember (since i was a kid im not sure if i had lasting problems but back then it felt like everything went back to normal). In my "elderly days" im not very old but when i was older i got dr from drinking alcohol, usally lasted 1 week, then went back to normal. One time i smoked weed while i had dr issues and from this i got dp. Ive had constant dp now for several years and i really want to go to a proffesional place to check if i maybe have something related to the lyme somehow, ive seen it on several posts and since ive had it its worth checking out. I would be so extremly happy if i somehow had some lyme stuff and if i got treated and got normal, that would be amazing!

Im from Sweden though, and this country isnt really in the top of checking stuff like this, i also got something calld: "meningitis" i beilive, i translated the Swedish word to English, hope its the right one, i got it from the Lyme. But it all got treated. But does anyone have any tips on how i can help treat this specificly on my own and where i should go to check my body, blood, brain etc if i might have some bacteria inside me. I read somewere about acne on butt and stretch marks and muscle twitches etc. I have some small pimples on my butt that never goes away, no stretch marks though, and also my mucles twitches ALOT, like all the muscles in the body, weird places - im never sure if its just my dp making me think it twitches, cuz with dp u always feel like ur insane so i dont even know, but i think i have twitches...

Please if you have any helpful information, dont hesitate to type all of it, even add me on Skype: Blodyclan96 or PM me here or something, thank you alot!
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