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Need help understanding....

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I've had DP a few times in my life but am self-diagnosed. I was just wondering, and this would help a lot, is DP for you, just feeling unreal with the world, people, and things? Do you feel unreal with yourself and get so scared that you don't know yourself anymore? I personally feel the real me is inside watching another me do things. I hate it, but haven't looked in a mirror for so long because I can't take looking at someone I don't recognize anymore and its scary. I am married and whenever there is a big argument, I feel myself whole again, like I need every bit of me to stand up for myself. I miss that me but leaves quickly after that. I know I can't keep going around fighting with people lol. I was just wondering if anyone could help, I just want to make sure this is DP and not something else that could be worse.
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The short answer is yes. What you describe sounds like classic Depersonalisation. But go to a doctor anyway..
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