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Hi everyone, I have been looking at this forum anonymously but have decided to sign up. I am 17 and started having dp/dr out of nowhere at the age of 14. Nothing was wrong at this point of my life and it just suddenly came out. It disappeared after 4 months and I was free of any disorder for about 2 years.
This year, I started having a lot of panic attacks to the point where I would have one everyday. My dp/dr came back right away and since then( 10 months) it hasn't gone away. There were times where it completely disappeared, especially when I started dating a girl which was very supportive. However we have broken up and the dp came back once again. I'm currently having a hard time to accept and let go, which I know is the most important step. I'm interested in trying ERP, which is basically facing your fear and accepting it. But I need some help in order to let the thoughts flow through me without judging them. If anyone has been successful in completely letting go of the questioning, the philosoping, then I would greatly appreciate any advice. My biggest fear right now is seeing myself in a mirror and not recognizing who I see.
Thank you very much!!
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