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my dads getting frustrated cuz I can't help with house can't work can't drive at night can't do anything no one understands I just tried to go get ice cream tried to force myself and I couldn't even go a half a mile up the rode at night everything looked like a illusion like my mind goes blank at night every thing looks trippy and I'm real and slow motion I felt like I wasn't controlling my body I was in complete autopilot I'm sitting in the car rn outside my house idk what to do anymore like it's killing my life

Some symptoms
I see swiggly lines
Static visons
Constant short of breath
I pick up stuff and don't feel it
I see after images
Everything looks plastic
Blank mind
Night is worse can't think
I feel out of my body
I constantly feel like I'm dying from a illness
I see black spots all over
Visual snow
Zone out don't know where I am
Streaks and flashes

I've been checked out and tested for almost everything tried multiple meds tried supplements it was weed induced had it for two years now everyday gets worse I get headaches everything feels like a acid trip I'm currently on Xanax and Zoloft weaning off Zoloft going on lexapro I've tried everything I feel totally disconnected when people talk to me

Plz anyone if you have any of these symptoms please give me a sense of mind or tips advice message me anything I just can't take this anymore it's like living in my head watching my body it's so bad I can't do anything at all barely thanks

or what's app me 5619004824 thanks

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Hey man,

I think he worst part of this is when the people in our lives don't understand or won't accept that we literally just cannot do normal things. Took many many years for my family to understand that something was very very wrong.

My advice would be not to do things that you are not very comfortable with, as it will only increase the anxiety thereby increasing the problems. If your father still doesn't understand, ask him if he would want you on the road if you were drunk. Hopefully he would say no, then you can pivot to why you should then be on the road when your mind cannot focus on what you are doing.

I had feelings (more like thoughts) of guilt for a long time about this. What I've discovered though is that sometimes being "productive" is actually more detrimental to other people than being idle. Example: why should some company be forced to pay me an income when my condition makes me a piss poor employee, when they could hire someone more competent and capable and reliable? And of course, operating a motor vehicle in our state is a danger to other people.

Hope this helps, only a little maybe. You can always send me another message if you wanna chat more.

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It can be frustrating for people who haven't had a chronic anxiety condition to know how to handle someone who does. Your dad probably gets frustrated, and part of it is comes from wanting to help, but not being able to; the other part I'm sure is him getting annoyed and wishing you could just snap out of it.

He's not a clinical mental health professional - but if you have one he/she should be able to explain to your dad your panic disorder, and maybe give your dad a few tools so he knows how to be more helpful with you.

You'll break the cycle and free yourself from the hole you're in now - just know it'll get better and there's a way out. I had all your symptoms to name a few - and I'm fine (waves a hand) - you'll be too. Just don't give up the good fight - keep summoning the courage, and don't listen to yourself so much - you can't think your way out of this one, best to draw from a different source inside yourself.
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