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So I smoke weed every day and it's not really a big deal. Last night I smoked and was thinking about reality, and I felt like I was nothing but perceptions. All throughout today though, I've been filled with anxiety and depression. I feel like doing nothing but sitting around, and I feel kinda detached from reality and I feel like I don't know who or what I am. Life just seems weird and off, like I'm not myself. It's making me think anxious things such as, "what if that meditation changed my perception of reality forever" or "what if I go crazy and turn into a weirdo hippie and I'm never gonna be the same". Am I just having anxiety and a little depersonalization or what? It's freaking me out quite a bit so feel free to add any thoughts. Thanks.

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You are to totally in denial. No one here can help you until you help yourself.

Smoked weed for years every day for years, didn't cause my DP, but it caused many and even though it has nothing to do with my case, weed is a dissociative drug, so DP being caused by weed is a total no brainer. Now I have DP it's not something that makes me feel good at all, so i don't do it... pretty obvious.

It's so obvious it is staring you in the face but your love for it totally is clouding your judgement, I really CBA debate TBH.

equation is very simple. You smoke weed (apparently no big deal..) -> Anxiety -> Depression -> Detached (DP)

But as you said, no big deal.... keep doing it, keep getting the same results, sure it's "no big deal".. what's the problem?

Weed is spiking your anxiety, triggering DP which is making you feel depressed and anxious and as a result you are temperately (from what i can tell) feeling DP..... this will lead to panic or an anxiety moment that will spike DP into constant state and you will question was that high really worth it for a lot longer than you are currently, months maybe years?

You probably won't listen, keep smoking weed and come back with a "yep it happened" and TBH if weed makes you feel that way, why keep going? if every time i played tennis i felt detached, i'd stop playing tennis... it's really that simple, what enjoyment can you possibly get from what you described, weed isn't your friend right now, time to get focus on what's important. I'd take a DP free life any day over weed and a million other things... trust me, this is not something you want to bring on. I'm not sure if you have this 24/7 or when you just smoke up, either way, it's staring your right in the face.

"Old habits die hard"

You will either learn the easy way or the hard. i can't make it any more obvious. Do it for yourself please..
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