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alrite my name is esteban ive had dp/dr for almsot three years now on and off and im all fucked up say the least im tired of life and

everything i have to go through daily. my life is hell from the minute i wake up to the minute i fall asleep dont mean to sound so negative

but im telling it how it is.i have so much pain and deppression its crazy im fucking done with life theres no point anymore. i used to love

my life wake up and get the day started now i wake up and want to go right back to sleep.these last couple months

have been hell i cant get rid of these feelings,i cant hold a job,just being in society/public drives me crazy.just being normal is a dream to

.talking to people is hard and talking to girls is impssible now havent even been able function sexually in the last couple months which

makes me more depressed and angry becuase i want to have a relationship/have sex/go out/be normal/act normal/be myselfkicki it

with friends.socailizing is a thing of the past etc. etc. there are so mnay things wrong with me right now.ive been working out,drinking

water,eating healthy,no weed,no alcohol,and geting sleep but i still got it, im on the edge of having a breakdown again and hopeless,tired,sick of

everything i really need help i want to know what you guys do that help you get through your dp/dr comment anyhting that helps you eating habits,techniques,excercising tips and aslo what triggered your dp/dr thanks.

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Nov 23 2014 09:03 PM

Hello, Esteban.

You should look into our Recovery Stories tab on the site, flip through some journeys that other people have been going through and see what's helped them. You should also check out some blogs, as people really detail and outline their experience with Depersonalization. On another note, you might want to post in the forum a bit for help and suggestions, as the blog side of this site sometimes seems to get passed by.

Hope everything gets better!
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Don't stress, it gets better.

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Dec 02 2014 04:29 AM

thanks dog will do

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Dec 14 2014 02:43 AM

Man, i've had dp for like 4 years almost, it gets a hell lot better. You have moments of realization and moments of derealization. Just gotta remember the cognitive distortions. You have to realize that our mind is like a tree. This tree gets zapped by lightening and the wood of the trunk distorts and cracks, but new branches can grow, or seeds can fall and create a new tree. its basically like you won't be stuck in one mentality forever man. I hope i helped. I've been having an especially rutty few weeks myself. But maybe i can help.

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Feb 15 2015 11:58 PM

just came here in despair and looked up at my comment didn't even remember writing that.

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May 07 2015 07:56 PM

I know its kinda late but I feel like I'll comment anyways.

When I had it I was going through depression and really shitty relationships. I feel like I would have this better written but i really dont feel good now and basicly want to say what has helped me.

For my own experience my dp would come and go without warning and when it hit it hit hard.

Ever since I cut my two best friends at the time out of my life it helped, having them around me was really taking it's toll just because of how shitty they were. From then I've never let myself get close to anyone emotionally or physically. Since I became more detached from friends and family my stress levels have gone down and dp hasnt really effected me that much.

I know its not the answer you would want but I guess the solution would be to cut the stress out of your life if possible
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