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Hello I'm lost in my life and need advises.Well I have dp for 2 years without even stop.Also anxiety and shitty obsessions.Now my normal day is like a hell cuz I'm feeling a horrible feeling and its not even dp.Just something buggin me out and I dont know what it is.I tried antidepressants and therapy from 2 therapist but wont work for me.Due to that feeling and failing with therapist I'm obsessed with my anxiety and lifestyle.Im trying to improve my life and go against anxiety everytime I can.So you can think "Isnt it a good thing ?"Nah Its not.Cuz Its become an obsession.Im doing this nonstop and thinking about this nonstoply.What should I do right now ? What can I do ? Thanks for reading
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Yeah, I have suffered and still suffered like that too. It feels like you aren’t going anywhere and it builds up more and more anxiety. Well, I can’t actually help you and neither can anyone else. If you try to examine what’s happening to you very closely, what do you see? If you see that you’d be better off without all the thoughts and obsession, then there is no way out through thought. Thinking about all of this just won’t help anymore. Try to enjoy the view and just the feeling of being alive. I edited this post because I had told you to try make your mind less noisey. But that is the wrong approach to it altogether. There’s nothing to gain or lose, that’s the point
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