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So I started feeling like everything was fake when I was 16 was very stressed and kind of psychotic I took some depression meds that made me feel robotic so I stopped taking them it took me a long time to cope with these feelings but I eventually got over it. Now I’m 24 and the feelings have returned i feel like they are worse now because I feel like nothing is real and I don’t know where I am although I do know where I am If that makes any sense my vision is a bit disturbed too idk how to describe it but it’s weird like I’m not able to see things fully I also felt extremely numb physically I had to bite my hand to feel them I couldn’t feel my body it’s like I lost sensation it’s a scary feeling I also feel like I’m gonna go insane or like I’m gonna forget who I am and who people are or where I’m at. How do I cope with these feelings it’s honestly really scary and I don’t want it to happen again.
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