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Need a reply quick! (med question)

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OK, so check this out. I have the unfortunate event in front of me of going through passing a kidney stone! I woke up this morning, and after I used the bathroom I pretty much collapsed to the floor the pain was so bad.

Anyway, I went to the Dr. this morning, and it was confirmed I have one. The doc gave me (this is what is says on the label)

Oxycodone/APAP 7.5/500 TAB WAT

he gave that for me to take for the pain. The pain was really bad, but so far it has been barable and I have yet to take a pill.

My question is, is this med known for making my DP/DR worse? I would hate to be rolling around on the floor in pain, and then add this med making me feel even worse in DP/DR land!

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't actually know if this is what I'm thinking of but there is a popular perscription drug called Oxy-cotton (not sure if that's how you spell it but that's how it sounds) that people like to buy on the street for the high, so if this is the same thing then I would be careful because any kind of drug that makes me feel high makes my DP/DR worse.
Oh I didn't see Janine had replied, If she says it's OK then it's OK, I trust her judgement 100%.
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