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My symptoms are not constant, but they are frequent. Something always seems to be shifting, changing. I get the sense that body parts (particularly my arms and hands) are not mine -- they feel different, weightless, insubstantial -- I get feelings like my body has no substance or is dissolving into its surroundings, but at times they solidify and are closer to normal. At which point I start thinking that hey, perhaps things are closer to normal for good now and it might not even happen again, or happen more rarely. However, it's usually back in one way or another within a few hours.

My perspective seems to be constantly shifting, like I'm looking at myself and everything around me from different angles, I "re-notice" everything like I'm waking up from a dream or realising I'm in one, like I've switched into a parallel universe but then back into the old one and again into a new one and a new one and a new one and a new one. Everything constantly seems to be changing substance, thickness, weight. I see everything in different ways over and over again, engage with everything differently and experience or "know" (unknow) myself differently. It feels like my own hands are slipping out of reach.

The main thing I wanted to ask about -- does anyone else experience with this a constant shifting of emotions? I know a lot of people here feel depressed, miserable, anxious (of course), disheartened, etc. I certainly don't escape those feelings, but there are positive ones too. Out of nowhere. The emotions barely match up to anything real. There are excitement and wonder -- but every time I start to feel the excitement, the out of body feelings start to massively increase. I've never drug tripped but it sounds like what people have described experiencing what they do. Spiritual, incredible, also awful at times. It feels like I'm shifting through a series of parallel universes or alternate bodies all made up of different things and associated with different (sometimes almost normal, sometimes incredibly bizarre) sensations and emotions. I start to (while on my own) move in strange ways, express my emotion randomly and (it feels) uncontrollably. My body's needs, substance, weight and association with the world vary dramatically.

For example, just today I felt "normal" for a while, then came a stab of excitement and I stopped being able to feel my arms, then I started crying uncontrollably completely out of the blue, then eventually felt a little more solid again, then another surge of excitement and for the next few hours my entire body felt like it was melting and I wasn't really in control of my actions until it finally settled back down to a more simple "I can't feel my arms" with the frequent perspective shifts, like I'm falling forward and backward...

Anyone else?
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