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Good Morning everyone! I want to share something new that I bought 4 days ago and help some people out. Note: this isn't a cure but it can be if you are just over worrying and very anxious all the time. I started drinking this tea from Yogi brand and it's called Kava Stress relief (Eases Tension and Promotes relaxation). This is Caffeine Free with a supply of 16 tea bags. So far I have had one serving a day for 3 days now and I can say I am relaxed enough to not worry. I do not feel bothered as much as I usually would.If you use this with a combination of healthy dieting and supplements the anxiety should lift off a bit.I am calm enough to think before I speak and it helps with the fogginess a bit. I will start drinking 2 servings a day now because this is really helping me.

The taste is great so don't add sugar lol. As you know sugars induce DP/DR more. This has an interesting cinnamon taste to it. You can find it in your local store. I found this in Albertsons. I usually buy from Yogi that has stress relief, sleep teas, antioxidants, etc. Always check that it is the Caffeine free kind.Thank you for reading and keep pushing forward! <3
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