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NAMI Convention - See Info at Top Of Forum

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Dr. Simeon will speak at 2007 Convention in San Diego at the end of June.

I will be at the D.C. Convention in 2006. All are welcome to come and hang out. I strongly urge anyone who is interested in educating our doctors, mental health professionals about DP/DR to see how this process happens. We have to speak for ourselves.

We have a Workshop staff in place. More information will be forthcoming.

Dr. Simeon's Book should be out by February of 2006
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We have an existing Workshop staff for the 2007 Convention:

Keynote Speaker: Daphne Simeon, M.D.
Non Drug-Induced Speaker: Dreamer/Sandy
Drug-Induced Speaker: David Kozin of NODID

75 Minute Workshop for Professionals and Consumers w/Q&A

DPers are HIGHLY encouraged to attend the Convention for one day... just a day pass if you wish to be in the audience.

Will give updates.

Dr. Simeon's book on her DP Research will be out around February of 2006
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