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So, I made a little mistake and made a myspace profile. Don't get me wrong, it's really entertaining. I've talked to some interesting people, but I don't have any interest in meeting any of them in real life..... I'm scared of all people, especially people who have interest in me. I disappoint people, so I'd rather just.... not...

But I didn't really think things through and people on my myspace friends list have been seeing me in the real world! This is scary. I don't like meeting new people.. especially when they are under the assumption that I am a normal person..

I let it slip that I have a job and now all these myspacers are pestering me to find out where I work. Honestly, it makes me want to quit my job.

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous post in the universe, but I'm starting to understand the magnitude of my fear of others.

I'm actually wondering........ if I deleted it now, would these people still talk to me in public?


I would give a lot not to be so anxious around people.
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i dont really care for the whole myspace/myjournal thing. the 'friends list' and all that. it seems so false. plus its too much work trying to have the coolest webpage. i have friends on another forum that have had their identities stolen by myspacers. they take their pics, names and so forth and create a whole webpage about themselves with the stolen identity. its really sick. on that forum we have a section dedicated to website/identity theft, and we spend alot of time in there reporting to each other about who got their identity jacked today. i think the reason that forum is so attractive to these lame people is that its a forum for creative types that make their own clothes, create artistic hairstyles and so forth. we post pics of our latest creations/designs and hairdos, but we have to make sure to strongly watermark the photos so the myspace losers dont steal them. if you spend enough time on there you will see what im talking about. there are just too many beautiful people on myspace and most of the profile pics are modeling type shots. i guess i have a strong nose for bullsh*t. i just cant trust that whole format, it leaves too much room for deception.
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