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Myself and, How long?

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Hi, im new to these forums so let me introduce myself...

Im ash, ive suffered from DR (maybe DP) for nearly 2 years ever since I had some form of a nervous breakdown after my GCSE exams. Im almost fully recoevered from the anxiety but still the DR remains.

I figure its somthing ill have to live with and am starting to deal with it in my own way, still things seem sur-real and empty and I have a lack of feeling from my suroundings. Especially when im outside in the open (does anyone else find this?).

Ive had it for nearly 2 years now, with no break I think, somtimes it seems worse than others.

What about everyone else?
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I can definaltey realte to the outside thing, mine is especially bad during the winter when it's so gloomy and bleak outside. Welcome!
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