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Here is a list of things that helped me :

  • Lead a simple and settled life (don't overload yourself)
  • Minimise caffeine intake (I never go over two cups of tea a day - no caffeine after 4pm)
  • Get enough sleep (listen to your body, take naps if you need them)
  • Magnesium and omega 3 supplements made my anxiety much much worse
  • Sleeping medications and relaxing supplements worsen my depression
  • Bananas really do help (eat them whenever you can - they relax and improve mood)
  • Socialise or be around people as much as possible (it's ok to take time out if you're really not feeling it though)
  • Alcohol makes things worse on it's own but, if it helps you socialise, then once in a while is fine - a great night out can really override those increased symptoms the next day (just hideout until you feel better)
  • Listen to your heart and maybe forget about chasing goals that bring you masses of stress - perhaps you are meant for other things in this world
  • Every now and then just accept everything that is currently happening in your life. If you have great fears and anxiety, sit with those feelings. Let them wash over you, look at them right in the eye. If you do this, you are consciously and subconsciously saying to your fears that you are strong and that they do not control you - this is the first step to overcoming them, which will in turn reduce anxiety
  • There is not a cure for this condition that works for everyone. A cure is the wrong word for going this experience. You (and I) are suffering and can not face life and so depersonalisation/derealisation is a defence against this situation. But it is a natural condition and doesn't have to be feared. You can recover and get back to feeling alive but you will need to make changes in your life. You will need to explore and find out who you really are and what you really need.
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