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My Thoughts on this Forum!

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These are my thoughts on this Just a bunch of People feeding off thier own misery .... We can never get better if we just stay on this forum and just read other peoples thoughts on life and how it sucks. Staying on this forum will turn anyone insane what you have to do really is find out who you are and make up some help for youself. Get the fuck up off your asses and do somthing rite now rite this instant do something never let yourself be Lazy Never let your fall into total misery about ur life and how much it sucks. Never think about all the bad things in ur life all the people u hate dont let them win you. You are a Human Being wit life u are not a wondering soul. Fight the power, Fight this fucking disease. Dont let it win you. Enjoy your life instead of pondering in ur misery. I HAVE DONE THIS AND IT HAS WORKED OK ? IM DONE WIT DP I DONT HAVE DP ANYMORE FUCK IT ITS GONE FUCK YOU DP FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER ! DIE BITCH DIE ! MOTHER FUCKER DIE HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD. POST POSITIVE FIGHT THE POWER NO NEGATIVE JUST POSITIVE. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL WE ARE SOOO SPECIAL :p :p :p :D
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keanu.. i understand your post you are having a moment of clarity and youre trying to share that with the rest of us. at first when i read it i also started grunting with the bah humbugs .. but ive grown up quite a bit in the past year.. and ive taken off the blinders to see all sides not just one side. i can see where you are coming from and what you are trying to do with that post. even though its full of 'bravado' and not totally well thought out, it was meant as encouragement and given in the spirit of love and compassion which so many of us here lack. its funny how we b1tch about the lack of help we get from our doctors and from meds.. yet when someone tries to give us a dose of encouragement.. in WHATEVER form.. we shut them down right away without even TRYING to hear them. it makes me so sad.

happy holidays. :cry:
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yea i totally see your point sebastian just as much as i see where keanu is coming from. we have ALL been in his shoes. you get these massive apiphanies (sp?) and you go.. AAAAAHH SO DESU KA!! or rather.. EURIKA!

but then the realities start to sink in. the dp lingers on so naturally it would make anyone lose faith and in many cases become cynical. i just wish that we could TRY to understand the poster before we respond to them. keanu is a young man and still has yet to reach the point where the pep talks fade away and all you have left is you. everyone has faded away. your life becomes just a mere morsel of what it used to be. the pep talks are just about the only thing that you do just to make it through another day without dragging a blade across your wrists. i have had this shat all my 27 years.. it has never gone away.. never decreased... always been the same living dream. and over time that dream has been less and less pleasant and has now turned into a walking nightmare. im prolly one of the most positive members here and that is because i constantly give myself pep talks. it doesnt make me any less f#cked in the head... but it does help me cope with it.

alls im asking is that some of us here consider that. being negative doesnt do sh1t for your illness all it does is make it worse. i appreciate every kick in the arse that someone wants to give me as long as its in the spirit of compassion and not out of frustration because they are sick of me and my 'issues'.

keanu said that he loves us and that is the most important aspect of his entire post because it shows where he stands when hes saying all that. he has his arms open wide and i think that deserves some appreciation.
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