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My Thoughts on this Forum!

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These are my thoughts on this Just a bunch of People feeding off thier own misery .... We can never get better if we just stay on this forum and just read other peoples thoughts on life and how it sucks. Staying on this forum will turn anyone insane what you have to do really is find out who you are and make up some help for youself. Get the fuck up off your asses and do somthing rite now rite this instant do something never let yourself be Lazy Never let your fall into total misery about ur life and how much it sucks. Never think about all the bad things in ur life all the people u hate dont let them win you. You are a Human Being wit life u are not a wondering soul. Fight the power, Fight this fucking disease. Dont let it win you. Enjoy your life instead of pondering in ur misery. I HAVE DONE THIS AND IT HAS WORKED OK ? IM DONE WIT DP I DONT HAVE DP ANYMORE FUCK IT ITS GONE FUCK YOU DP FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER ! DIE BITCH DIE ! MOTHER FUCKER DIE HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD. POST POSITIVE FIGHT THE POWER NO NEGATIVE JUST POSITIVE. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL WE ARE SOOO SPECIAL :p :p :p :D
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yeah, i agree with gimpy. you can't make sweeping generalizations that everyone here just needs to get off their asses and stop wallowing in misery.

Again, there is a bit of truth to that. I really do think it has a lot to do with will power, but it isn't as easy as say, quitting smoking or something like that. And i certainly don't think it's a case of anyone being Lazy.

Incidentally, keanu, i've felt like i've defeated this thing numerous times before. I think you'd do yourself more of a service to ease off the bravado a little.

sleepingbeauty said:
.. yet when someone tries to give us a dose of encouragement.. in WHATEVER form.. we shut them down right away without even TRYING to hear them. it makes me so sad.
funny. i thought that both gimpy and myself responded with relative optomism...hardly "shutting (him) down right away".

Like i said, i think there's some truth to the whole idea of beating this by focussing outwards and all that. It's just that whenever someone leaps onto a thread in full battle gear, with the alacrity of a self-help guru, telling everyone that "Hey, I just figured it out! You guys just have to ignore this...f--- this disease! Get on with your lives!" ...and brandishing defiance as a brave new insight...well, to use the colloquial of you wacky kids: I've Been There, and Done That.

I don't like it implied that weakness or lassitude is somehow the reason why we're all here. No matter how well such suggestions may be intended.

Keanu...i appreciate what you're trying to do. I remember when i had that same kind of attitude and i came on this very board saying much the same thing. I'm happy that you've "beaten this". I hope you continue to try to help the rest of us by offering suggestions and encouraging remarks...but don't reduce my problems to something that can be effaced quick-snap with a pep talk and a can of cola.

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