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My Thoughts on this Forum!

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These are my thoughts on this Just a bunch of People feeding off thier own misery .... We can never get better if we just stay on this forum and just read other peoples thoughts on life and how it sucks. Staying on this forum will turn anyone insane what you have to do really is find out who you are and make up some help for youself. Get the fuck up off your asses and do somthing rite now rite this instant do something never let yourself be Lazy Never let your fall into total misery about ur life and how much it sucks. Never think about all the bad things in ur life all the people u hate dont let them win you. You are a Human Being wit life u are not a wondering soul. Fight the power, Fight this fucking disease. Dont let it win you. Enjoy your life instead of pondering in ur misery. I HAVE DONE THIS AND IT HAS WORKED OK ? IM DONE WIT DP I DONT HAVE DP ANYMORE FUCK IT ITS GONE FUCK YOU DP FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER ! DIE BITCH DIE ! MOTHER FUCKER DIE HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD. POST POSITIVE FIGHT THE POWER NO NEGATIVE JUST POSITIVE. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL WE ARE SOOO SPECIAL :p :p :p :D
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Some truth to what you have to say, Keanu, but merely getting off your ass and doing sh*t isn't going to help everyone. Everyone here has different degrees of DP/DR, different reasons behind it, so what worked for you isn't going to work for everyone. My DP/DR was triggered by drugs and alcohol and it is very non-circumstantial. No matter what kind of situations I'm put in, my DP is pretty much the same. My DP is completely like being on drugs. I chronically experience all the sensory and cognitive effects similar to marijuana or very, very mild hallucinogens. I feel like telling me to get "normal" is like telling a person on drugs to automatically switch off all of its effects. Can't do it. Definitely a biochemical disturbance.

I've tried your route to success many times and sometimes it made my psyche and confidence worse because I would try to do more complex tasks and jobs fitting of my college degree and former credentials and found out how slow my mind moves now and that I'm dumb as a rock.

But, I don't really wallow in my misery like some people on this board. I don't even go to the main DP forum anymore because I find it too depressing. Even when I did hang out there, I was mostly only interested in medications and therapies. I don't like talking about my symptoms because everyone here knows the symptoms of DP. I find this forum interesting just like I would find a chat room interesting- talking about music, movies, politics, etc. Kind of fun talking about this stuff with different types of people.
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I, probably a little of both. I just can't concentrate and my memory is horrible. I forget what I'm supposed to do and get easily distracted. When my DP isn't as bad, I just think a lot more and about important stuff like making money and women. I'm more intuitive and creative when my DP is at its best.

I just went to my local Target and saw one of the largest concentrations of hot girls I've ever seen. Women love Target. I have been to a few Targets in my lifetime and this one is by far the best.
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