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Hi Everyone,

I have had DP/DR since I had a major panic attack in 2014 and mine seems to stem from anxiety. I am on quite a few tablets from the GP and one of them I believe is making me feel worse but its hard to stop.

Last couple of days I just feel like my head is another world and that I don't have a clue how to live this life anymore. I can't work, I have stopped going out. I feel like I am crazy but I know its disconnection but knowing is not enough to stop me worrying if that makes sense.

I had DP/DR twice before but it only lasted a week and then one day I woke up and felt normal(think that's the right word?). Now I have given up hope of waking up one day and feeling normal.....It would truly be a dream come true if I did. I would be so grateful for life.

I don't want to carry on just existing like this anymore

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