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My thought processes feel unreal!

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Does this happen with dp?

My thoughts feel unreal and confused. I keep wondering how thoughts happen and how they are processed.
Mine feel as though they are coming from somewhere else. Its so hard to explain and difficult to stop obsessing about.
When this happens it makes me panic and I cant stop trying to work out why it feels like this.

I have managed to stop fearing the unreality outside of myself and the detached feelings, but the thought thing is still scaing me.

How can I tell myself not to be afraid when my thoughts dont feel like they are mine or happening normally.

Does this make sense to anyone.
Im so scared I will disappear inside my own though cycle and never come out again.

Can anyone give me any reassurance.....please
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jude, i think i can really relate to this. I have so many problems with my thoughts. i constantly feel like i don't know what is real and what isn't . Lately, i've been getting these weird feelings that maybe doing such things, like cutting through a picture of someone with a pair of scissors, is murdering them.

And then, theres the feelings kind;ve like you describe, that my thoughts don't belong to me. I have started to hear my own thoughts inside my head more crisply and loudly than usual. And then of coarse, there are the voices i hear in my head (i have schizophrenia) it's like i am telepathic. (actually, i believe i am) Like other people are putting their thoughts into my head and i have no control over them. I Constantly hear all these voices in the backround conversing with each other, saying things that make no sense, and it sometimes makes me feel physically sick. It makes it so hard for me to think straigtht.

anyway, i dont know if this is typical with dp. I dont have true dp. I just have it as part of schizophrenia, and i know that the feelings of having thoughts incerted into your head, thoughts coming from somewhere else, having voices in your head that are not your own inner voice, is pretty typical of schizophrenia, and it almost sounds like that is what you are describing: "thought incertion" and such.
But i could be totally misinterpreting what you are saying, and i don't mean to scare you or anything.
this stuff really is so hard to describe. For me, it's like other people are thinking inside my head; i have no control over their voices. They say random things that make no sense, or laugh or scream, or mumble, or comment on me. Is this anything like what you experience?

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