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My thought processes feel unreal!

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Does this happen with dp?

My thoughts feel unreal and confused. I keep wondering how thoughts happen and how they are processed.
Mine feel as though they are coming from somewhere else. Its so hard to explain and difficult to stop obsessing about.
When this happens it makes me panic and I cant stop trying to work out why it feels like this.

I have managed to stop fearing the unreality outside of myself and the detached feelings, but the thought thing is still scaing me.

How can I tell myself not to be afraid when my thoughts dont feel like they are mine or happening normally.

Does this make sense to anyone.
Im so scared I will disappear inside my own though cycle and never come out again.

Can anyone give me any reassurance.....please
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yea i know right. when i was normal i didn't think about this shit i thought about shit normal people did. but yea a lot of the times i don't feel like my thoughts are mine. i changed my name to freddie cuz my real name is marco and he's not here. i wonder how the hell i am typing this right now cuz it feels like someone else is doing it. i try not to think about it, but its hard when it feels like someone else is in control of everything you do, say, think. it sucks. there's like no way i can stop it. a lot of times i'd rather be alone then with people, cuz if i'm with people i'll keep questioning things. like how come i am not like them or i'll question things they say and be like i used to talk about things like that.

also when my bro's gf is over i always get like kinda upset cuz i can't have a gf there all on each other enjoying each other and the feeling of life and love, and live and love is nowhere close to me and a lot of the times i feel like i will never come back to reality. its so horrible.
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