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My thought processes feel unreal!

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Does this happen with dp?

My thoughts feel unreal and confused. I keep wondering how thoughts happen and how they are processed.
Mine feel as though they are coming from somewhere else. Its so hard to explain and difficult to stop obsessing about.
When this happens it makes me panic and I cant stop trying to work out why it feels like this.

I have managed to stop fearing the unreality outside of myself and the detached feelings, but the thought thing is still scaing me.

How can I tell myself not to be afraid when my thoughts dont feel like they are mine or happening normally.

Does this make sense to anyone.
Im so scared I will disappear inside my own though cycle and never come out again.

Can anyone give me any reassurance.....please
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Jude, this is absolutely part of the dp experience - and it is really completely and utterly wierd and obsessing and distressing and I have been having this for the last couple of months. As you will find elsewhere on this board, one of the best tips is to keep going with all normal activity despite this horrible fractured inner experience - keep seeing people, keep doing things, do more rather than less, do not isolate, try not to obsess or at least distract as much as possible. Do not withdraw further into the spiral in your head that will only make it worse and prolong it, just keep connecting outwards as much as is possible and ESPECIALLY when your mind tells you it won't do you any good.

Sending you all my strongest wishes for your courage and strength - it will pass, it will.

Sarah x
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