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Here are my symptoms, wondering whether anyone out there experiencing the same things as me;

  • 99% of the time emotionless
  • memory loss during my DP moments, usually unable to put together a sentence because I forget the details i.e. peoples names, places etc.
  • mental fogginess
  • lack of motivation
  • social anxiety - sometimes I'd do ANYTHING to not have to leave the house as I know my DP is quite bad, even before leaving the house
  • severe detachment from people
  • complete lack of empathy/sympathy
The ones that bother me the most are the detachment from people, as that affects relationships. The fogginess and memory loss affects me both at work but socially as well (I dread my monthly meetings with the big wigs at work)

Whilst I do a pretty good job to hide what I am going through, somedays are harder than others and I really find myself retreating both mentally and physically from any situation where I might have to use my brain i.e go to the supermarket or even spending time with my BF/family etc. as I know that I wont partake in any over the conversations.

Has anyone got any advice on how they deal with their symptoms, and what are they?

Does anyone find that being tired can affect their DP? Reason I ask is today my DP was worse than ever and I felt that I slept very light, and actually did go to bed quite late.

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Dec 08 2016 08:41 PM


i reconigzed a pattern that when i sleep less, the worse i get dp.

the more detatched i feel

and i do hide how i feel, no one even knows i have dp.


i get quiet and withdrawn the way you do, too.

i stopped drinking a lot of coffee, it can be a neurotoxin and it really affects my dp.

so if you dont sleep enough, drink minimal caffine.

thats all i have. im sorry i cant do much to help, but im im the same boat as you COMPLETLEY

and it hurts.
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