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My symptoms...anybody have any in common?

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My symptoms:

- Constant visual disturbances (such as intensified colors, 2D images, floaters, trails, negative afterimages) that have been a 24/7 problem with no relief since this started, over a year and a half ago.
- A constant emotional numbness.
- feelings of nothing being real, or feeling as if everything around me is in my head, or that I'm hallucinating it.
- Time lapses, or feeling as though time slows down. This especially intensifies when im in a certain place for a long time. For example, it'll be 11am, and ill think back to something that happened at like 8am, and itll literally feel like it happened weeks ago. Very frusterating and hard to explain, but if you have this symptom youll know what I mean.
- feelings of not being here or being invisible, constant feelings of deja vu.
- Inability to focus or consentrate on anything for any length of time.
- Inability to stay in one place for any long length of time. Feeling like I have to get up and walk around or get away. Having to take constant breaks in doing anything.
- No chemistry with anyone. Seeing people as more of automated machines than human beings.
- Cant read well. Words seem to distort and I cant focus on the letters.
- Intensification under flourescent or bright lighting.

And then there are the physical symptoms, which come and go.
- headaches, eye aches, backaches, numbness in my head, arms, legs.

These are the main symptoms...the ones that are (aside from the physical symptoms) with me all of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no relief whatsoever. I'd really appreciate it if you'd list your major symptoms to see which ones we have in common - or even to see which ones we dont. This way maybe we'd be able to help one another and share different coping skills.
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triplesix said:
well when dr/dp first hit me i had the 2d thing going on every thing looked fake i get a neck pain and a tingling sensation in my head i have little to no time perception it could be 9 am and i couldent tell the difference from 10pm and time seems to fly rather then stand still probly cause i dont pa attention to much i have very poor memory especally vesiual memory things i do seem so long ago after i do them i get after images i see floaters thigs look extreamly brighter when the sun is out i see static at night dont know what part is dp/dr in my vision i think its a mix between hppd and dr and a little dp but not that much dp
i get these symptoms aswell..

especialy the 'static' i have it constantly, i also have... i don't know if it's 'floaters' but it's like i weird almost trasparent 'thing' across my vision, like something is there in my vision, it doesn't realy stop me from seeing anything but i can notice it all the time, it's transparent, it's like a wierd 'squiggly' mass, not moving, across my vision, mainly in the center of. i don't know if it has anything to do with the 'static' (visual snow) that i get mainly at night, but have all the time aswell... and i also have ringing in my ears, very faint, although it's more like a hiss, like you know when you have speakers on with no music playing you get that 'hiss' it's like that but it has a more ringy qualety to it aswell... does any one else have similar symptoms? and i also twitch, involuntarily, all over, there not big twitches but noticable, and jerks, little jerks aswell, i don't know if these are connected to the DR/visual audio problems... still... a little feedback would be nice.

peace out.

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