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Having suffered from DPD for the past 18 years, I have developed over the course of several years a supplementation regime which, in my own experience, is capable of eliminating the DR aspect of the disorder altogether while alleviating some of the symptoms stemming from the DP aspect, resulting in a considerable improvement in overall function. I have experimented with numerous supplements, many of which induced either an undesirable effect or no effect whatsoever. Listed below are the supplements in use, including exact dosages and brands:

- L-theanine (California Gold Nutrition): 100 mg, once a day. It is an amino acid that is neither synthesized by the human body, nor is it needed as part of the human diet. It is found primarily in tea leaves and has been found in research to alter brain-wave activity. I regard l-theanine as the supplement of the highest value in my regime, since it alone is responsible for the elimination of my DR and brain fog, resulting in reduced anxiety.

Nonetheless, it should be emphasized that in some individuals, including myself, this amino acid could act as a double-edged sword: as I began supplementing with it, I experienced a marked elevation in mood; however, this was quickly replaced with a persisting, general sense of dullness. This seems to be counteracted to an extent by the other ingredients of the supplementation regime. Furthermore, it should be noted that higher dosages only increased this side effect and resulted in heightened anxiety, although many of those supplementing with l-theanine report the opposite effect of reduced anxiety. I find the end result favorable in comparison to DR.

- Marine phytoplankton (Umac-Core): 0.5 ml, once a day. Increased energy and mood.

- Niacinamide (KAL): 1,000 mg, once a day. Elevated mood and reduced anxiety.

- BioPQQ with CoQ10 (Doctor's Best): 1 capsule, once a day. Elevated mood and reduced anxiety. When manufactured by other brands, I found the same two ingredients to be of no effect.

- Skullcap (Nature's Way): 850 mg, twice a day. Elevated mood and reduced anxiety.

- Saffron extract (Swanson): 30 mg, once a day. Elevated mood and reduced anxiety.

- Taurine (Source Naturals): 500 mg, once a day, at night. Aids in uninterrupted sleep without a direct sedative effect.

- Gotu Kola (Nature's Answer): 3 x 330 mg, once a day, at night. Aids in uninterrupted sleep without a direct sedative effect. I found glycine to have an overwhelming sedative effect.

- Additional supplements which I have found to be of no effect but proved useful in others: n-acetyl l-cysteine; lithium orotate.

I hope this information assists others in their own journey. Any change to the supplementation regime will be updated.
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