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My Story.

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Hey everyone. Sorry if this is a little long.

My Major Symptoms:

Brain fog

Terrible memory problems

Racing mind

Intrusive thoughts

Unreality (things seem unreal)

Time Perception Problems

Things seem to big (beyond my understanding)

Emotional Numbness

Disconnected from everyone

Cant Focus

So, My story began in February after a terrible Cannabis Oil experience.

I don't do drugs at all, in fact it was my first experience with the oil its medical grade stuff

a friend of mine makes it for cancer patients. he was in a car accident and has trouble sleeping

so he takes it to help him sleep, i was having trouble sleeping myself so he suggested it

so i gave it a go. fell asleep and woke up freaking out, high obviously and had a huge panic attack.

Days after it i didnt feel right. started to feel moments of unreality. nothing felt real.

my mind was racing, it was on overdrive. i was shook up. nothing made sense to me.

things felt way beyond my own understanding. like i was in a bubble and disconnected from everyone.

i couldn't focus on anything other than how im feeling. i thought I've don't some major damage to my brain.

thought id developed schizophrenia or something.

After a few days I've noticed my time perception was really off, like days flew by.

before i knew it it was time to go to bed again. them 12 hour shifts in work i hated where over.

its time to go home. i felt like i could do another 12 hour shift and not feel like time has passed.

i lost all interest in everything i liked to do before like play computer games, sports, socializing etc.

days seemed so hazy, like yesterday seemed like 3 days ago, i cant tell you what i did 3 days ago

but if you remind me ill know all about it. if something didn't happen 3 days ago it might as well happend 3 weeks

ago cause i wont remember it well. my memory is really really bad since.

So, as time went on i went to see counselors, doctors, blah blah blah all the same stuff its anxiety. its all anxiety.

I got referred to a Psychiatrist who also thing its anxiety which I've no doubt it is to a certain extent. ive also took a couple of months off work cause i know that is adding a lot of stress to me. I've been on

Zoloft and i didn't react well to it, i then went on Lexapro which helped a lot. i couldn't be happier with it.

its helped me stop worrying about time,even though its still really fast, but it much better than before. Its helped me be interested in things again and its put me in a much better mood. I've been off this site of weeks now. I've came back on because Iv'e gone through a bad break up and I've taken a few steps back but i also wanted to finally share my story so far. As far as the relationship goes I'm really emotionally numb to it. still know I'm sad though. I'm nowhere near "better" but I'm doing much better than i was. i know a lot of people are against drugs. and that's fine but i just want to share how they've helped me.
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Your story is all too familiar. Many people have had similar experiences with cannabis. I also take Lexapro and it is the SSRI I would recommend and I have taken many others over the years. I have reason to believe your symptoms will lessen with time if you don't surrender to them. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
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I don't believe I ever have taken 5htp. I have tried a few natural remedies like Sam-e and melatonin etc, but I never had any success with them so I stopped seeking relief from supplements.
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