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Well it all started about 5 weeks ago when I thought I was HIV+ which scared the hell out of me. I panic so much and actually told myself that I was +. I broke down and cried at work and even cried at the STD clinic.
They fast tracked my blood test because they noticed that I was losing the plot. I was HIV-. It was such relief, I got my appetite back, I didnt not feel sick anymore but I woke up maybe a couple of days later feeling like I was in a dream. It has been now about 10 days in this weird state and I am fighting it with excercise, l-glutamine and good vitamins.
I sometimes feel great but sometimes it kind of comes back on me.
I find it more frustrating during the day time, especially the bright sun light. At night I am much better.
I guess I have exhausted my brain and now its in a recovery mode. I just wish I come back to the way I was before.
I will not give up and will fight this feeling, I know I will win.
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