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I had taken weed in high school and I don't think I had a panic attack on it. I took it about twice a year. Then on a day when I was completely sober, I was waiting for class to end because I thought it would be the end of the day. However, when the bell rang I realized that I still had an hour to go before school ended and that made me think about time and then all of a sudden I felt really "high". That lasted for a few days and went and it mostly felt like derealization. Another few months pass while I was walking to school and I started to become conscious about my breathing and things felt dream-like for weeks. Another year passes and during exams was shopping with my aunt, I started thinking about tests and while I was walking all of a sudden I felt disconnected and felt that my actions were slow(but I think that was just me being overly conscious of my actions). From that point on sometimes it comes really intensely at random times and other times it can be "mild".

The feeling itself felt releasing it was my trying to act normal that made me feel this was a problem, I felt that my feelings were blunted so I didn't feel anxious but I kept trying to feel normal. It made me feel that social interactions like are some kind of strategic game. From that point on it happens frequently but there are gaps, it doesn't feel scary for me. I think because most of the time it's not intense enough to leave me confused. It does make things difficult cause I feel slow almost "laggy"(making me feel distant from others) and it also messes with my vision making things abnormally big.
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