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Hi Everyone,
my name is Thierry and I want to share with you my story: 8 months ago, after finals I drank some beer and smoked some marijuana, and after an hour i had a panic attack, i had a very fast heart beat and although it was dinner time my hunger disappeared and i dissociated myself completely from the others in the group and was just worried that i was going to collapse or even die. After some hours I recovered and then I forgot about it, until 1 months and a half later while I was in holidays I had another panic attack in the Shopping center and immediately had to go out to take some fresh air. I had another panic attack during a train trip, and since there I am scared of travelling with trains. I think I also developed agoraphobia, in the sense that I am scared to go out of home because I have fear to have another panic attack, and so I stay home whenever I can. I also have headaches, blurry vision and I really don't feel like myself.

Does someone have some tips on how to recover? Am I suffering from marijuana-induced DPDR?

Thanks and kind regards,
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