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The context:
Ok so, briefly nearly 5 month ago I got alcohol poisoning/too much alcohol during a party. Woke up the next day sick and vomiting multiple time, and then go back to sleep. Wake up the next morning with sort of like Depersonalization/Derealization or strange perception. Thought it was just the alcool effects still remaining, but it subsided for days after. Long story short I figured out it was anhedonia (complete absence of pleasure sensation from everything I used to like). Problem is, the anhedonia is still here 4and a half month later despite seeing multiple psychologist and psychiatrist, MRI scan and scanner showed nothing, and anti anxiety medication like benzo, hydroxyzine, even melatonin’s or zopiclone for sleep (cause my sleep has been completely wrecked since the event) do Nothings for me. I never had problem for sleep before. I tried supplementing vitamins but nothing change here too.
Do some of you got this too, and if yes how did you recover ?

Also i tried Alcohol again 4 month ago and can’t feel high at all or euphoria. and I wasn’t a chronic drinker at all.
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