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Hi there guys.

I’ve had DPDR for 5 years now, it came on after smoking weed from my first and only time doing it. I have severe anxiety, DPDR, sensitivity to light and also sensitive to noisy & crowded places. I’m also constantly tired.
Does anyone else here have the same symptoms as me & explain what helped you?
Anything is much appreciated. Thank you!
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The second time I smoked weed I dissociated for 15 minutes. In retrospect I can look back and surmise that that was Weed induced DP/DR. I'm not really sure what caused my "current" depersonalization, but I can say that it is different. Not necessarily worse or better. But there's a difference. It's not an unpopular opinion in the community that there are different forms of DP/DR. The core symptoms are more or less prevalent on a spectrum. Not a scale of what's more traumatic to experience. But it's pretty common that one will find relation with other people in some ways and others in other ways. Meaning I may have some of your symptoms and not others. But then a third person will have those other symptoms but not the ones you and I share. I wish I had a panacea cure for all of us. That's my goal. And anyone who's been here long enough would call me foolish at best. It's hard enough to pull oneself out of chronic dissociation. I'm a Dreamer.
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