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Hello everyone. I'm new here so I want to share some of my details here because even though 90% of symptomps of DP and DR are related to my situation, sometimes I still think that I have something different.

My story started in 2015, so I have this condition for almost 6 years now. I didn't have that much stress in life, but I started to feel some sort of apathy for 3-4 months. It was not on the surface I guess, I still was in mood but something was different. Then, in one day, I realized that I could not relate to myself, like there has been some block in my mind and my mind was blank. I was confused and got some sleep. Because it has not gone, I got so terrified that my life became a story of a total detachment and I was constantly warping through the bottom of my existence. My body is detached, my personality is thrown and the world is like a dream, world is 2D and life is very different now, but I got used to it for now. The question is, I wander how different is that how different people experience DP/DR in distinct ways. There are people who say that experiencing detachment is the scariest thing and the life is hell, but I can not relate to this. Yes, I experience total detachment too, but the point is that I do not actually process what is happening around me and overall. I guess I am not scared and don't feel fear because I am not fully aware what is going on, it is like I understand everything but only by a part of my consciousness and otherwise I remain mentally "blind". I got used to this condition for so long that I just accepted that, and because emotions, feeling and thoughts are not in access to me, then I am not bothered by their absence. It is like when you wear tight ring on your finger and you don't feel it because you just got used to it and perceive it as it should be, and you will notice a difference when the ring would be moved.

I am going to ask for SSRI/Lamictal scheme soon.
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