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Hi I'm 12 going to be 13 in October and this is my story. I think I first got it just over a year ago, in September when our school had it's open evening. I was in year 7 and offered to help out. I didn't have anxiety or any other problems then and when I got it I thought it was normal. I thought that I just felt dizzy, but the sensation wasn't like dizziness. My eyes were slow to focus, everything felt dreamlike and I felt as if I was floating. I think it lasted about 20 secs each time but I had numerous spells.

I next hit about the 3rd of December. I was again helping out at a Christmas fete at the library. I don't think I had anxiety then either, and I had the same symptoms as I did at the school event, yet it felt like I was going to faint or pass out or even die, even though I didn't feel dizzy.

It struck again earlier this year when I had a large sleepover with my friends and freaked them all out, and had to leave my own sleepover. I had it also at a meal with 6 other memberoif my family and again at school.

The first time I had it in a proper school day it was sunny and me and my friends were sat outside on at a table. Whilst walking over to the table it suddenly felt as if the world had spun round and I was in a dreamlike state. I ran back to one of my friends behind me saying help, it's like I'm in a dream, but it was almost like I wasn't controlling myself. We sat down at the table and my friends were really sweet, telling me to drink water, take if my jumper etc. it struck again and I looked down at my hand thinking this is not my hand. I went home ill that day. Ever since then the world hasn't looked normal and I get it constantly. If anyone has any good techniques of coping or good advice or links / names of blogs it would be highly appreciated.

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Sep 21 2014 02:10 PM

Welcome to the site, Hellothere.

There are quite a few blogs here on the site that can help you, I'll link some entries below! Also, be sure to check out other blogs and recovery stories!

Again, welcome to the site, pleasure to have you here. Hopefully you have a swift recovery and can get back to feeling normal soon - cheers! Best of luck!
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Sep 24 2014 09:43 PM

Hello there, Hellothere. (heh..)

It's good that you can already put a name to your condition, even though you're only 12. When I got my DP bouts between 10 and 14 I didn't know what I had, I just thought I was tired. That's probably why I always passed so quickly for me back then. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

The best advice for me is always: Don't let it get to you. Whatever it does to you, just carry on. It's only in your head, so there's nothing it can do to you. You only feel unreal, you're not actually unreal. You're still there and that won't change.

Having understanding friends is always good, so you can be greatful to have yours. I know I am for mine. I find my DP easier to cope with while around them or with my family, so be sure to spend some time with both.

As Solomon already said, check out the recovery stories, they can be very uplifting.

Good luck!

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Oct 27 2014 05:38 PM

Try reading this book called

"Overcoming Depersonalization Disorder"

it has so many coping techniques and acceptance skills, it's kind of helped me out a bit.

Stay strong because just by reading your little blog post it's quite clear you are very strong and very self aware for your age.

Take care
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